Review: 3 Beards Bearded Lady Rye & Raspberry

Review of 3 Beards Bearded Lady Rye & Raspberry Belgian Style Pale Ale from 3 Beards Beer Co. in Holyoke, MA

Beer Type: Pale Ale  IBU: 24  ABV: 5.6%  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “Is there such a thing as a “Manly Fruit Beer”? We brought the challenge to our brewmaster, who created a Belgian Pale Ale that incorporates both rye and raspberry flavors. The spicy notes of the rye compliment the sweetness of the raspberry, creating a beer that appeals to craft beer aficionados and novices alike.”

The Reality: They may have over-simplified the description a bit, but basically they nailed it. When you pour this beer you get a nice thick head that gives of a fresh raspberry aroma. I was even a bit concerned about the first sip, worried that this would be another fruity over-flavored ale, but not to worry! The most important thing about this beer is exactly what the brewers said, the characteristics of the rye and the raspberry pair perfectly. Those two ingredients fight for every inch of taste bud real estate, but ending up coming up with a 50/50 split, thus making this beer extremely we balanced. It has a medium body and the aftertaste is clean, never too sweet, never to savory, and leaves you wanting more.

Final Verdict: I’ve tried a lot of raspberry ales and raspberry wheat beers over the years, and this might be the best. The brewers have found a way to make it a more complex well-rounded beer, and I imagine its got to be the addition of the rye. I don’t know if that makes it a “Manly Fruit Beer”, but it does make it a great beer. If you can find it, try it. This isn’t just some warm weather beer that’s meant to be drank at the beach or a barbecue, it’s a solid everyday beer that I don’t want to put down. Considering how creepy clowns can be, and how tight acrobat outfits can be, and that all lion tamers deserve to be eaten, the bearded lady may just be the best thing at the circus and I hope she doesn’t shave anytime soon.