Bar Review: Scorpio’s Italian Eatery & Pizzeria (Attleboro, MA)

Bar Review of Scorpio’s Italian Eatery & Pizzeria in Attleboro, MA

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t a place I’d normally expect to have great craft beer, but I actually went one day to grab lunch and was pleased to discover a decent bottle selection. I was also pleased to discover they will still serve you even if you’re not born between Oct. 23 – Nov. 21. Upon entering you’re greeted by a classy upscale eatery with modern touches and a friendly staff. It is a smaller place, but doesn’t feel small. I head to the bar, of course, which is a clean marble-topped semi-circle with 8-10 stools. As soon as you sit down you can’t help but notice the extensive beer coolers behind the bar, and realize this place has more to offer than a typical Italian Bistro.


I asked the bartender for a beer list, and immediately noticed it was printed on regular printer paper and put in a plastic sleeve, which is usually a sign that the beer selection rotates frequently and the list has to be reprinted as the selection changes. I was also pleased to see 45-50 different selections (not all craft, but very good nonetheless). They also offer a specific “beer of the week”, which is a beer that is not on the list, which shows a desire to keep product fresh and seasonal options coming in. The day I went in it was Peak Organic Fresh Cut. After speaking with the bartender (who was very knowledgable about their selection), and seeing beer list, I could tell they took pride in their beer selection.


It’s no secret that I prefer draught over bottle, but you also have to put everything into context. This isn’t a beer bar, brewery or craft beer cafe, it’s a small Italian eatery & pizzeria. They are going after a lunch crowd that wants quality pizza and a dinner crowd that likes modern Italian cuisine, they didn’t need to offer this level of beer selection, and most places like them don’t. I’ve been to fancier Italian restaurants and was lucky if they had more than Peroni and Bud Light to offer me. I give them high marks, and would suggest that they are the perfect bar to go to if you’re in the mood for Italian but don’t want to give up your craft beer to get it.