Epic Beer Names (Part 1)

Back in late 2008/early 2009, for reasons still unknown, Stevens Point Brewery in Stevens Point, WI collaborated with Comedian Jim Gaffigan to release “Jim Gaffigan Pale Ale”. This was no doubt a reference to Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale stand-up special (which happened to feature his famous “hot pockets” routine).

This is officially one of my favorite all-time beer names, but also a missed opportunity. It doesn’t look like Stevens Point Brewery still makes Jim Gaffigan Pale ale, but there was potential here to turn this into a great limited edition series of beers. Once the run was over for Jim Gaffigan Pale Ale, they could have introduced another limited edition beer along the same obscure celebrity theme. So, Stevens Point Brewery, it’s not too late! I give you full permission to steal this idea, and I even have some suggestions for the next beers in this series:

Dr. J

1. Professional Athlete: Julius Irving

Dr. J’s Slam Dunkelweizen. “A beer that goes to the hole and won’t fadeaway”.


2. TV Personality: Bronson Pinchot

Balki Beertokomous’s Perfect Strong Gose. “Flavored with Cousin Larry’s Appletons”.

Ronnie James Dio

3. Musician: Ronnie James Dio

Rainbow in the Bock. “There’s no sign of the morning comin’… so have more beer”.

John Kerry

4. Politician: John Kerry

Secretary of Stout. “Why the long face? I’m all out of Secretary of Stout beer!”


5. Movie Star: Wilford Brimley

Doublebetis IPA. “Check your IBUs, and check ’em often!”


Quaker Oatmeal Stout. “It’s the right thing to drink”.

In the unlikely event that this idea takes off, I want Stevens Point Brewery to know that I’m not expecting any royalties, but a couple free cases would be nice.